Monday, November 26, 2007

Status Report for 11/25/2007

I have written my thesis's *draft* introduction chapter [see the link]

Title: Federated Service-oriented Geographic Information Systems

1. Introduction
......1.1. Motivation
......1.2. Why federated Service-oriented Design
............1.2.1. Architectural Design Features
............1.2.2.High-performance Design Features
......1.3. Summary of Contributions
......1.4. Research Issues
......1.5. Organization of Dissertation

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Status Report for 11/14/2007

I have been writing a manuscript
Here is the abstract:

Geospatial information is critical to the effective and collaborative decision making in earth-related disaster planning, crisis management and early-warning systems. The decision making in GIS increasingly relies on analyses of spatial data in map-based formats. Maps are complex structures composed of layers created from distributed heterogeneous data and computation resources belonging to the separate virtual organizations from various expert skill levels.

We propose infrastructure for understanding and managing the production of knowledge from distributed observation, simulation and analysis through integrated data-views in the form of multi-layered map images. Infrastructure is based on common data model, standard GIS Web-Service components and a federator. Federator federates GIS services and enables unified data access/query and display over integrated data-views. Integrated data-views are defined in federator’s capability metadata as composition of layers provided by standard GIS Web-Services. Our grid approach is based on the “WS-I+”; we start from core Web Service standards and build outward on other applicable W3C and OASIS standards.