Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Status Report for 01/24/2007

Here is the new *draft* proposed "Test and Experiments" document.

Changes I have made since my last post dated as 12/13/06:
- I have added concrete test cases on proposed integration framework and
- Added definitions of Geo-Science Applications we have been working on.
- I have made background information more condensed and
- Given the enough detailes about how to make the usability and scalability tests

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Status Report for 12/13/2006

After getting Marlon's comments and feedbacks to my posting dated 11/29/2006, I created 5-pages of Tests and experiments document.

Morlon's brief comments on my previous posting:
-- It needs work.
-- He thinks I need to address concrete details more than general explanations such as using Web Services etc.

-- He thinks the best way to do this is write this in reverse: start at the end (the "Tests and Experiments") and work back to the beginning. This way, he thinks I won't introduce unnecessary details (like the fact that GIS is a usually a desktop application or it uses GET/POST) in the research problems section. Also, doing it this way I will not introduce side issues (like platform neutrality) that are not really researchable, things like interoperability (which is an engineering detail and also not the subject of my research), or asynchronous communication, all of which I don't address.

-- I was all aggreed on these comments.
-- In the light of these valuable suggestions I wrote below document titled as "Scalability Tests for Map Services and “Geo-Science Grids” Integration Architecture"