Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Status Report for 10/31/2006

My current and future work outlined in one ppt slide :

Our implementation of data integration is based on geographic data model (GML) and online services (WMS and WFS) whose standard specifications are defined by OGC.

The OGC specifications are mostly domain specific and fine-grained. The specifications are dynamic and keep changing based on the communities needs and new technologies. Therefore, even in the same domain and same science community, it is very hard to create a generic capability. In order to get a rough idea about the OGC-WMS capability and how deeply it is GIS specific, please see this link (http://schemas.opengis.net/wms/1.3.0)

For example, in order to be able to apply OGC like capability based data+service integration architecture to Chemistry, a new capability schema specific to Chemistry data model (CML) should be defined by a standard body in the Chemistry community. If the community does not have the capability definitions (which is normal), and If we want OGC like capability based data+Service integration we need to define a generic (or in Chemistry domain) capability.

In order to get rid of this burden of creating different capabilities and defining different services for different domains we try to create a generic capability and architectural framework to integrate data+service in general science domains. So, these issues might be our future research.